Ozone is a form of gas unlike a regular oxygen molecule that has 2, ozone atoms it has 3, which makes it stronger and it becomes an active oxygen gas that can improve your everyday life.

You know the smell after a lightning strike that clean crisp air you smell is actually O3.

This natural gas can be used in so many different areas to destroy viruses, bacteria, bad odor, even in pools and drinking water.

For a clean healthy home, office, car or another area you may need to destroy bad odors bacteria and viruses.

Disinfect schools, busses, hospitals, food factories, care homes, laundries, wherever it is needed.

Ozone is effective in drinking water disinfection and does not leave any residue. Ozone is also essential for swimming pools. It does not have a serious and permanent harmful effect like chemicals, and it is 3125 times more effective than chlorine. Ozone destroys harmful microorganisms in water then it reverts back into oxygen in 20 minutes.

Ozone (O3) is a powerful sterilizer. When odors, bacteria, viruses or molds meet ozone, oxidation reactions occur and both parties are destroyed. Ozone then reverts back to oxygen.

Kill bacteria on food or on contact surfaces.

Sanitize swimming pools and spas.

Kill insects in stored grain.

Scrub yeast and mold spores from the air in food processing plants.

Wash fresh fruits and vegetables to kill yeast, mold and bacteria.

Chemically attack contaminants in water (iron, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, nitrites, and complex organics lumped together as “colour”).

Provide an aid to flocculation (agglomeration of molecules, which aids in filtration, where the iron and arsenic are removed).

Manufacture chemical compounds via chemical synthesis.

Clean and bleach fabrics (the former use is utilized in fabric restoration; the latter use is patented.

Act as an antichlor in chlorine-based bleaching.

Assist in processing plastics to allow adhesion of inks.

Age rubber samples to determine the useful life of a batch of rubber.

Eradicate water borne parasites such as Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium in surface water treatment plants.

Ozone removes chemical residues and odors such as paint, burnt odor, insecticide, polluted air, cigarette smell and smoke.